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Spring Treatment

As the growing season begins, our lawn treatment programme focuses on promoting thick, healthy green grass from March through to May. This involves diligent application of fertilizer and herbicide, preventing broad-leaf weeds from working their way into your turf.

Summer Treatment

During the early summer months of June and July, our lawn care technicians use special non-scorch fertilisers to treat your turf. This ensures your grass continues to look vibrant as the temperatures rise, while our herbicide solutions keep hardier lawn weeds, such as trefoil, at bay.

Late Summer

From July to October, we nourish your lawn with the right nutrients to give your grass a great ‘summer green’ colour as well as starting to strengthen the root zone for the onset of winter. Our programme also includes continuous use of herbicides, ensuring that your garden remains vibrant through to the end of the season

Autumn Treatment

As autumn approaches, we prepare your garden for the colder months, applying an iron-rich treatment to strengthen your grass before winter. Our experts also combat moss settling into your lawn, ahead of our core aeration and lawn scarification over the coming season.

Winter Treatment

Our winter treatment continues to combat moss whilst also improving its strength and colour with a specialist seaweed feed.


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